Sup Guys, I Got News For You

Sup guys. Its been a while. Well I’m back. But not here. I’m writing for a new blog with me and a couple of other very good writers. You can go and check out the site over here at where you’ll get nothing but good laughs and thought-provoking content. Feel free to add your comments and … Continue reading

I Got A Story To Tell…

I got a story to tell to you guys. It was too long to put in a tweet or status update, so I got my 3rd source of internet ownership, I joke I joke.But do know that it’s hip-hop related, so if you don’t relate to it, dont worry, read it anyway and you will relate to it thereafter. So, here it goes… Continue reading

Taking Her On A Dinner Date; Worst Idea If You’re Looking For Sex Afterwards (Credits To Paul Janka’s Getting Laid In NYC)

Originally posted on PUA Lifestyle:
Paul Janka, author of “Getting Laid In NYC” I’ve repeatedly pounded this point home over the years, that taking women out on traditional dates (dinner-movie) is the proverbial kiss-of-death; particularly so, if you’re intention is to get into her panties. Since Thursday evening, my internet service has been acting a…